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The company was founded in 2000

2000Company founded

2002Acquired assets of Lebedyanskiy Instrument Plant (manufacturing of veterinary equipment and tools). Manufacturing investment exceeded USD 8 mil.

2003Concluded a long-term agreement with Indesit Company on manufacturing of plastic parts for Indesit washing machines and refrigerators.

2005Certified under ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

2006Launched production of optical discs package, package for juice and dairy products. Turnover reached 681 mln RUB

2007Signed a supply contract with IKEA

2010Implemented bar-coding for consumer goods. Turnover reached 890 mln RUB

2011Launched production of anchors for EJOT, Germany

2014Launched new production of food closures. Installed a new thermal power station allowing to cut power costs by half. Signed a supply contract with Barrier, Burokrat and Standartpark companies.

2015Start of production of closures and tubes for SOPi company. Start of production of stem holders used in agriculture. Turnover reached 1 293 000 000 RUB




Beeplast production is equipped with over fifty European high-speed injection molding machines by ВМB, Negri Bossi, Engel, with clamping force 90-1200 tons and shot volume up to 8971 cm³, launched in 2004 with direct involvement of European specialists and experts in quality and production.


round Ф600х400 max.

ectangular 1000х600х400 max


We run the molds of different complexity, of European and Asian origin. Our specialists provide tech support and assistance for ordering molds upon customer’s choice.

Our machines can run both in full and semi-automatic modes, they are equipped with robots.

Using best machines allows us to minimize cycle times and provide high quality level. We employ highly qualified specialists trained at premises of ВМB, Engel and other.

All the machines were put into operation under direct supervision of European specialists and experts in quality and production.


Pad-printing machines

Friction welding machines

Ultrasound welding machines

Gluing line

3D scanner

Sticker machine

Additional equipment (thermostats, robots)

In 2014, we opened a new shop designated for food-standard closures. Production is in full compliance with international packaging standard BRC/Iop. We're introducing workplace arrangement and efficiency system into production.


Quality Assurance

Quality control is provided by lab tests aimed at inspections of incoming materials and finished products, and by tools designated for statistical control of production stability and production quality management.


FMEA analysis

Shewhart control charts

Statistical control methods, including CpK

Lab control


Testing lab carries out incoming inspection of materials and controls the following values:

Melt flow index

Pellets density (hydrostatic weighing)

Bulk density

Resin moisture content

Dyed material color control in products

Lab carries out physical and mechanical control and spectral analysis of finished products


Our advantages

Personal approach;

Quality control;

Products certification;

Convenient location;

Accuracy and high speed of deliveries;

Flexible pricing;

European hi-tech equipment;

Massive opportunities in cooperative business;

Highly qualified staff;

Full satisfaction of partners’ need;


Technologies and Machinery

All the production processes and operations (injection molding, assembly, welding, etc.) comply with high quality requirements. We run injection molding machines by ВМ Biraghi SpA and Sandretto SpA with clamping force from 90 to 1200 tons. These machines can manufacture a wide range of products, from tiny (0.001 kg) to large ones (7 kg). All the machines can run in fully automatic mode, part of them are equipped with robots relieving process and minimizing human involvement.



- Partial assembly of certain washing machine units.

- Gluing two parts of the washing machine top plate, and refrigerator parts. Mechanical parts of the line are interchangeable, program settings are adjustable, which allows to glue different parts of different dimensions.

- Welding together two parts with a complex geometry is done with special welding machines (friction and ultrasonic welding). The machines are program-controlled allowing to monitor all the parameters of technical process automatically.

- Printing on plastic parts is done with pad-printing machines by Tosh (6 colors) and Comec (8 colors) using photopolymer clichés. These machines are program-controlled.

- Labels and stickers are applied at the products with a fully automated applicator Collamat 3600 which can be adjusted to any conveyor speed varying from 3 to 20 meters per minute. 

- Measuring centre ALTERA  is designed for accurate measuring of the parts dimensions and allows to carry out high-performance measuring of complex surfaces minimizing a number of the part position changes while using a minimum amount of technical tools.

- Laser scanner LC50Cx is used for digitizing objects of any shape. Thanks to automatic adjustment of laser intensity, the scanner can effectively digitize the parts with hard-to-reach surface, multicolor surface or highly reflecting surface.




As long as Russia starts to realize the need for protection and improvement of health and environment, people start paying more and more attention to environment impact as a result of their activities, production, and services. 

Beeplast company follows a set of procedures aimed at environment protection and pollution prevention, while keeping socioeconomic needs in balance. The procedures are as follows:


- preliminary environmental evaluation;

- defining environmental aspects of the corporate activities;

- defining environmental impact;

- assessing environmental performance;

- recording necessary procedures.


In order to prevent negative environmental impact, Beeplast company is installing gas purifying equipment (aspiration system). Each year we evaluate operating efficiency of aspiration system installed for injection machines. In order to assess environment impact of our company, we monitor a “buffer zone” around the premises.

Based on the monitoring results, we can make a conclusion that environmental footprint set by our manufacturing is not dangerous.


At the moment, our environmental specialists are introducing environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2004 enabling even more effective planning, measuring, monitoring, and improving of environmental activities, as well as switch to a concept of continuous improvement of environmental management system.

Our environmental specialists take part in trainings, seminars, and audits concerning environmental management system improvements.


Beeplast will keep on maintaining measures protecting environment and preventing its pollution.



Our production premises are located in Lebedyan, Lipetsk region, 360 km away from Moscow.

Total plant area: 83’000 m2, production facilities: 37’800 m2


Storage facilities area is 24’000 m2. At the moment, automation system for the storage is being introduced. The premises are neighboring with convenient access routes, both for motor and railway transport, and we have our own trucks as well. These facts help us deliver our orders in time, while convenient geographical location in European part of Russia minimize freight costs.

Warehouse Automatization.

In 2015, Warehouse Management System (WMS) was implemented. This system allows to bring warehouse logistics to a completely new level, bringing the following opportunities:

- keep records on all the warehouse operations;

- get info on the current stock in real time;

- efficiently control warehouse employees’ activities and manage employess with automatization program, minimizing human error;

- track location and movement of the products, generate reports of the persons responsible including information on who shipped or moved the products, when and where (therefore, we can comply with the principle of traceability of a single product unit)

- comply with FIFO (First In – First Out) principle

- make individual coding and sticker labeling, as per the customers’ request




Beeplast employs over 400 highly qualified specialists. Furthermore, we promote constant advanced training of our employees.

Besides internal training, we send our employees to specialized institutions and training centers. Our specialists are trained in production, industrial safety, finances, certification, accounting, taxation, etc.

Furthermore, our specialists take active part in different seminars, training sessions both locally, and in Italy, Switzerland and other European countries.  


Quality Management System


Quality management system is certified under European standard ISO 9001:2000 since February, 2005. Every year we are recertified   (compliance certificate ISO 9001:2008 no. 14.0242.026 dated 28.02.2014)

Our company also successfully passed technical audits by Indesit, Electrolux, Johnson Controls, and Robert Bosch.

Since 2008, we go through annual audits by IKEA for compliance with IWAY (“Minimum Requirements for Environment and Social & Working Conditions”) and QWAY (“Supplier’s Quality Assurance System”) Standards. We have been approved as child products supplier.


Package Safety System

At the beginning of 2014, we started developing and introducing a Package Safety System for manufacturing food grade closures (dairy and fermented milk products, fruit beverages, juices, mineral water, and tea), including those for baby food, according to requirements of BRC/IoP (v.4)standard “Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials”, ”, designated for package falling into a category of high hygiene risk.

In December, 2015, we successfully passed an audit and received a Certificate, confirming our compliance with Package Safety System, under BRC/IoP international standard requirements.

In September, 2015, ELF food closure has been certified with CE Conformity Certificate verifying the closure compliance with EU directives.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a must and essential condition for each and every modern enterprise. 

All our employees take training in safe methods and means of operations, first aid in production conditions. They are also briefed in health and safety, go through apprenticeship followed by knowledge assessment. 

In 2014, our company went through a Special New Work Environment Evaluation.





  • Polypropylenes: block copolymers and homopolymers, talc- and glass filled
  • ABS
  • Polystyrene: GPPS and HIPS
  • Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6, glass-filled (glass-nylon composite)
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High density polyethylene (HDPE)


In manufacturing process we use various polymer materials: polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polimethyl methacrylate. Polypropylene takes a significant share among processed materials. It is used for manufacturing large parts of the washing machines. For this reason, a centralized feeding system of materials to the injection molding machines is foreseen. This system comprises: resin debagging machine, silos for resin storage, vacuum hoppers for feeding the resin to the machines through the piping. Centralized feeding system allows to cut the expenses associated with moving the resin to the machines, to reduce the space required for material storage, and to optimize the manufacturing process.


Development Strategy


Reinforce our positioning in the target segments:


- technical products manufacturing;

- closures (caps for food and cosmetics industry);

- consumer goods;

- industrial package.

Beeplast plans further investments in production and considers options to build new capacities or acquire existing enterprises.