Plastics production is equipped with contemporary highly effective european injection molding machines by ВМ Biraghi SpA, Sandretto Industrie SpA, ВМB, with clamping force ranging from 90 to 1200 tons and injection volume up to 8917 cm³. This equipment can produce the parts weighing from 1 gram to 7 kg.
Friction contact and ultrasound welding of two parts with a complex contour is carried out by special welding equipment. Machine is equipped with program control allowing automatic controlling of all the process parameters. Welding of plastics with ultrasound is widely used for industrial purposes, because it has a number of advantages allowing to get a high quality junction in many types of plastics where other welding kinds are hard or impossible.


Parts are printed by pad-printing machines. Production is equipped with three program-controlled pad-printing machines by Tosh and Comec able to make 8-color printing with photopolymer image plates.


CTF gluing line comprises mounting pallets for putting processed parts into them, a metering pump for two-part adhesive, electrical control unit with program controlling axes of pallets movement, operator panel Siemens for general control of the line, and accident-protection system. Thanks to interchangeability and adjustability of the mechanical parts, as well as to programmability, the line can glue various types of plastic frames of appropriate sizes.


Coordinate measurement machine ALTERA designed for precise measuring of the part dimensions can carry out high-speed measuring of complex surfaces while minimizing number of part reallocations, as well as number of the tools required. Laser scanner LC50Cx is used for digitizing objects of any shape. Thanks to laser intensity automatic adjustment, the scanner can effectively digitize the parts with hard-to-reach surface areas, multicolored areas and surfaces with high reflecting power.


Our products can be recycled into polymer raw materials fit for further use in production. Recycling is possible for production process waste having little or no difference from initial material.


Assembly of washing machine components.